Project lead, Strategy & business analysis, branding & Identity and UX design 


What the story?

This Bahrain based food delivery service was looking to expand its business into Dubai and as me to do a app design for them but on inspection I saw what they really needed was to do their strategy, rebranding and 2 non hybrid mobile app. Because the biggest problem was that the app was slow and created on a hybrid development and it ended to be 2 separate apps that where true to each platform. 


What did I do?

I started off by understanding the business and customer journey before starting any design work.

  • Understanding the business as a whole. 

  • Exploring business strategy and the market and competition.

  • Exploring ways to improve the service and the full customer journey. 

  • Solving complicated UX problems to simplify existing app.

  • Developing interaction concepts and presenting.

  • Rebranding the whole business.

  • Advocating a mobile digital first approach. 



Many of the challenges came from getting the business owners onboard with a new business strategy. A total new brand and modern Lean approach to its oporation. 

  • Multi-language app. 

  • Multi-national app.

  • Dealing with different work culture.

  • Getting owners onboard with a new business strategy. 



  • Business stratagy research and presentations

  • Concepts and sketches

  • Wireframes and user flows

  • Visual Designs

  • Prototypes

  • Specifications 

  • Feedback documents



Before designing anything you have to have a good strategy. So I set up a number of meeting and presentations with my client to draw out insights and analysis of what goals to set. 

I researched and presented a lot of strategic ideas about how the business was currently operating and how its could do better by analysing the market and analysing its competition. 

Some of the key out comes from this process was. 

  • Consider dropping and cutting un used services and features. 
  • Gap analysis with its key competitors. 
  • Explore other Arab speaking markets in North Africa 
  • Set up analytics with regular reports to gather insights 
  • Offer a VIP service to higher end consumers. 
  • Consider financial risks involved in taking on a high burn rate in order to compete. 
  • Take Android app seriously. 

Logo and identity

The old logo had no real concepts or ideas behind it and in order to give authenticity to the rest of the brand I knew it was important to draw on the businesses local Arabic roots. 

Orginal logo

Orginal logo


A logo rooted in traditions Arabic calligraphy and modern typographic communication. Old meets new. Just like a persons identity comes from where they belong, Tawseel's identity is built on the authenticity of its Arabic roots. Arabic caligraphy is artform that provides us a rich source of historical creative choices and meaning.  

Out of the many elements of Arabic calligraphy a Swash was chosen. A swash is a simple elemet that would be enough to communicate authenticity. With out using too many elements. A swash is a typographical flourish, such as an exaggerated, tail stroke.

I wanted to choose a typeface that was symmetrical and soft in lower case letter “t”

The font typeface that was chosen was “Courier new” as the letter “t” which would be the foundation of our logo 


Key element 

Key element 



One simple flouish to our chosen typeface was all that was need to communicate that eastern arabic calagrphic style. The kind of effect you only get historicly with a brash. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 15.43.56.png


Brand guideline book


I then put together a brand bible book which would serve the business as a way to give consistency to the new brand. And could be shared with many other people as a reference. 

The key to this type of brand was to lay down the digital but give it enough space to grow and develop. 

Page_Title (section2).jpg
Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 16.55.34.png


Wireframes and concepts 


I worked with my client to think though the core concepts that would determine the rest of the app by presenting wireframes. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 16.06.39.png

Visual Design stage is usually where the app starts coming together. Its where the wireframe concepts and branding come together. 

Its also when a lot of questions and ideas come up. But the key is to create visual assets and resources that are consistent and can be reworked as necessary. 


Here are some VDs from current WIPs

Visual Design 



Flinto prototyp


Flinto, is my favourite prototying tool for apps as it can recreate all the gestures and interactions of a native app with out any coding. Which means its great for testing out new ideas very quickly, directly on your phone.


Zepling Styleguide & Spec


Zeplin is a great tool for producing interactive design specs for developers and its also great for producing digital style guides with all the style code ready for debs to grab from. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 20.19.22.png
Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 20.17.29.png

App is currently in development.


Thank You