Design Experience. 

In recent years my work has shifted from creative artwork to digital web design. But whatever the project I am working on, its the process of brainstorming, collaborating, prototyping I enjoy most. Here are some of the areas I have worked in below. 

Prototyping, Wire-framing and journey flows

I have built prototypes and wireframe for complex interactions and applications. Mostly using Sketch 3 and Azure 7. I can add new features or built fully visualised clickable prototypes and have assets ready for developers in the correct formats and resolutions. 

User interface design

With over 4 years experience working in UI design it has become one of the main passions in my career.

It's is the most tactile and visible method which users interact our websites and apps. Its where function and usability meet branding and visual design. 

Native Apps

I have created a number of native iOS and Android apps in resent years. What I love about Native apps is that they live on your phone and they can access the devices hardware. For example the camera or the touch gestures. These are powerful ways of getting users to experience your brand in a personal way.

Adobe Creative Suite

With almost 10 years of hands on experience with CS. I have advanced skills in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.



Responsive web design

I have been focusing on responsive design for about  3 years now. 

With 25% of all Web traffic now mobile. It is necessary for a good website to be Responsive. 

I helped build a new responsive website at Virgin Media where I also worked on marketing campaign, micro-sites and check-out journey. 

Online campaign

Whilst supporting UX, marketing and sales teams, I designed many online digital campaigns. All inline with Social Media and DM or TV campaigns.  From landing pages to banners, bespoke UI elements and page mockups, I have created a number of online campaigns that direct users through the promotions and sales platforms. I have to promote Netflix, Sky Sports and Apple iPhone 6 campaigns.


After many years of working closely with Developers and Digital Producers, I have gained a deep understanding of the core web languages and standerds. Although not being a developer myself, I know the abilities and limitations of these technologies.