Orange Cash France

Lead UX Designer

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What's the Story?

Orange wanted to launch a new payment app based on Apple Pay to its millions of Telecoms customers around Europe.


What did I do?

I was leading the design of the Orange Cash iOS project with German mobile payment partner Wirecard to design a new app that supports Apple Pay in France and Spain.

  • Solving complicated UX problems in a way that meets user, business, and technical needs.



Many of the challenges came from balancing the business needs with the limitations of the platforms and backend systems.

  • Multi-language app. 

  • Multi-national app.

  • Dealing with partners such as Apple France and Wirecard.



  • Concepts and sketches

  • Power point presentations 

  • Wireframes and user flows

  • Visual Designs

  • Prototypes

  • Specifications 

  • Feedback documents



1. Planing & Gathering requirements &

We started by planing out the sprints and prioritising features. I then worked with the business analysts to understand and define the first sprints requirements.


2. concept sketches

Once we started the first sprint, I created some quick sketches and powerpoint of examples to be aligned with the teams before creating Wireframes and fleshing out my solutions. 


3. Full app Wireframe map

I created a living document of the apps features with regular updates. 


iOS vs Material Design vs WP

There was some existing Android apps but this was the first iOS mobile app for Orange and there was little to no guidelines available. So I had to create new guidelines documents that gave rules on how to create on brand UI elements and platform especific interactions. 


Apple Pay and Banking regulations

Orange was a main partner with Apple in their launch of Apple pay in France and Spain. And Apple Pay was a totally new technology to the Orange and all their back end systems needed to be updated. I also had to argue my UX decision against apple and fight for Orange customers who were used to a certain way of using their Orange apps. 

But we had to go though a lot of banking and financial regulations as well as dealing with Apples demands. Which I had too all balance as Lead UX. 


Wire framing & concepts

During teach sprint I would present my concepts and solutions to problems and wireframes to Apple, Orange product team, developers and others. 


Specs and Visual Designs

As lead UX my focus was on the user experience and providing solutions to technique problems that effected the UI. But I also worked on delivery of specs for iOS and specs for updating other Android apps.

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I also worked on inVision to provider the product team and developers with a interactive pro type that they could share and give feedback on.  


10. User testing support & feedback

I also worked with the developers to take screenshots and test the app on different devices and provider and detailed annotated document. 

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Abdi has been a key team member for the Orange Cash iOS project, showing great dedication and producing high quality work in a very tight very schedule.
— Guillaume Aman - Mobile payment product manager at Orange