I am a responsive focused designer with about 3 years of experience. It has had the biggest impact on my design work of all. 

With 25% of all Web traffic is now mobile. It's necessary that your website be Responsive. Users now view websites on smartphones, tablets, desktops and even smart watches and Smart TVs. So your website needs adapt seamlessly across the many different screen resolutions.

From a design point of view, it is essential that all graphics and elements on that page be ready for different screen sizes.

Its not just a case of resizing graphics but adapting their contents and file sizes accordingly. Especially when guiding users through a marketing campaign or check-out journey.

I helped build a new responsive website for Virgin Media and If you resize your browser window, you’ll see the screen elements re-shuffling elements around the page when they reach a certain break point. This is designed to fit large, skinnier or longer screens or vice versa.