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Vanquis App

Product Designer


What the story?

Working on a contract with Chelsea Apps Factory, to help their client Vanquis Bank to develop and design a hybrid cross platform app that easier for you to manage your account on the move.


What did I do?

I was working within a small agile development team within the agency to come up with and improve new and existing features using completive analysis and analysing analytics data as well as focus groups and working with QAs.

  • Develop design concept from ideas to working prototypes and

  • Improve features such as user statement summaries and transactions

  • Help users view and understand their current balance. 

  • Help users check how much they have available to spend.

  • Help users see they’re latest transactions and pending transactions, 

  • Set up and manage direct debits through the app

  • Make payments to your account using a debit card

  • Help users last 6 months of statement summaries.

  • Help users activate physical bank card.



Working within a highly regulated banking sector to develop new ideas and features to show to our client and their users.  

  • Working with a Hybrid app development team. 

  • Understanding complicated financial services.

  • Dealing with external client demands during busy sprints.



  • Sketches, notes and images

  • PDF user flows and app sitemaps

  • Feature wireframes and user flows

  • Visual Design & assets in Zeplin

  • Make and present prototypes

  • UI specification and video for

  • Working with BA and QA to draw up   

  • Feedback documents

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Planning & Gathering requirements & competitor analysis

I started by working with our client’s BAs, and POs to define the next sprints requirements. We started mapping out business, technical, and quality assurance criteria, but making sure to have my input and direct the process in a user centred approach. Before anything goes into sprint.  


Concepts & sketches

During the kick off meetings, I would sketch any ideas or flows that would collect our ideas and share them with the team. Then add annotations and call outs.


Turning the sketches and concepts into Wireframe

After out kick of meetings, we would get together for another meeting to elaborate on our ideas and I would take those original sketches and ideas and create details User Journeys Wireframes.

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Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 10.16.29.png

Refinement/elaboration sessions and user stories, estimations.

Once the PO has signed off on the wireframes and user journeys, I would work with our Scrum Master to schedule refinement and elaboration sessions where I would take the team through the new features for the next sprint and explain our aims and idea as well as take questions.


I would maybe even show some visual designs or interactive prototypes in these sessions.


Then the dev team would start estimating how long development would take for this sprint and assign points to the user stories.


Visual Design

Once user stories have been assigned and estimated. I would start working on making all the necessary visual designs, for iOS, Android and iPad.

I always aim to, keep a clean simple, minimalist aesthetic and to introduce some delightful interactions or to remove as many steps as possible.


Zeplin and asset management.  

I kept a number of living documents, such as the style guide Sketch library which I updated and shared across the team. The main way to share the design with developers was to use Zeplin and inVision and occasionally we used Google.

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Developer feedback.

Alongside assisting the developers I would also Work with the QAs to test builds on different devices.

I would also make some screenshots and feedback documents and share them for visual feedback.



I also worked on inVision to provider the product team and developers with a interactive prototype that they could share and given feedback on.  

Screenshot 2018-12-03 at 03.11.10.png

User testing support & feedback

We also had User Focus Groups where would ask Vanquis customers to preform tasks and go tough journeys whilst recording their interactions and verbal answers.  


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