About me

I am a London based UX/UI Designer who has been designing professionally since 2004 and working in interaction design since 2012.

I work through the full UX/UI lifecycle by gathering requirements, understanding business goals, building user stories, wireframing and making interactive prototypes. I have worked on and lead many important and transformative websites and mobile app project.

  • A hands-on UX/UI designer who utilises the whole UX lifecycle

  • Passionate about business and digital strategy.

  • Strong visual design foundation. Working as Graphic Designer since 2004.

  • Passionate about Insight driven design, Brand strategy and identity design.

  • Passionate about the balancing business, customers, and technology.

  • A out going self starter who loves to get out of his comfort zone.

  • Loves nature, outdoor activities, Hiking, camping and kayaking.


If you like to know more follow me on Dribbble or more about my process